Episode 10

Published on:

6th Apr 2023

6:10 Caged Heat

It's heat. It's in a cage. It is "Caged Heat" the tenth episode of season six of Supernatural. Liz is down with Crowley's self flagellation. Diana gets quizzed about the Supernatural lore about shifters, rugarus, vampires, ghouls, and djinn in Monster Prison. Play along if you dare!

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Season Six Episode Ten 

Bitch: Mother burped. So much, so tired of people burping. And then I realized like when I do it that I'm very, you know, also tired of people burping. 

Jerk: Welcome to this week's episode of Devil's Trap Podcast. I'm Diana, 

Bitch: And I'm Liz, 

Jerk: and this week we're gonna talk about season six, episode 10, caged Heat. don't know why I said it that way. That 

Bitch: because you kind of have to say it that way. I think, you know, cage t cuz it all sounds like kind noir or like, it's about like some police officers or like Nick Ty's in it. Like I, they just, I forgot what Cage heat was actually about, but for some reason I just think Nick Nolte, 

Jerk: oh, sound 

Bitch: I didn't remember, I don't know what's going with that. 

So what's up, what, what, what is going on with Diana? 

Jerk: Diana's trying not to lose her mind, but she has had an uh, week or so since we've, uh, past spoken for the most part. Um, mostly being that, um, our, um, new, uh, music venue opened this past weekend 

Bitch: Too much fanfare. So if you, I, I highly recommend going through and just googling Longhorn Saloon and Be It Ballroom, sorry. And enjoying all of the wonderful press, I think Textless monthly, uh, like all sorts of wonder. I was like, I kept looking for you. Like I saw your boss and a lot of pictures, and then like, I was like, I know where you were cropped out. 

And I'm like, man, I was right there. 

Jerk: no. I got a couple good ones. I'm in there somewhere. But yeah, so we, uh, yeah, it was a very successful, fun weekend with lots of great music and great people, and a really beautiful installation of, um, historical memorabilia of artists who have played the Longhorn Ballroom in the time for the last 73 years that it has been in existence. So that was really fucking cool. 


Bitch: Anybody see a ghost yet? 

Jerk: uh, no, no signs of ghosts yet, but, uh, a nice array of music and attendees. So, yeah, it was, uh, pretty awesome. 

Bitch: That is awesome. 

Jerk: oh I mean 

Bitch: And, 

Jerk: had 

Bitch: and what else, what, what else were you doing this weekend beyond, you know, like opening a, 

Jerk: Oh 

Bitch: impressive music venue? What else was going on? Isn't something 

Jerk: my birthday 

Bitch: Yeah, it's right. Ooh, ooh, ooh, Diana. It was her birthday week. 

Jerk: It was. So yeah, we, we did a nice ribbon cutting and then we did, um, we had a sleep at the wheel play and the next night we had old Crow Medicine show and my friend Joshua Ray Walker opened, and Robert Earl Keene showed up and sat with me and my husband and our friends, and then he got on stage and did a song and he's supposed to be retired, so it's a big deal. And then the next night we had Caitlin Butts whose shirt I'm wearing, sad Yeha vibes. And, uh, then, um, Lucero played and then Morgan Wade played and it was good times. 

And then I 

Bitch: was amazing. 

Jerk: lot of cake and desserts and things in Mexican food on, not in that order on Sunday. And then I ate a bunch of crawfish and with friends for another friend's birthday. 

I'm not mad at that either. So, yeah it's just been a lot. I'm, I'm, I am LA tired, if you will, 

So how about 

Bitch: Ah, uh, so you, as if you are watching this on YouTube or, or intros, you can tell I am finally not in my, you know, locked in my childhood bedroom anymore. I have escaped San Antonio and, um, have been allowed to sort of give back to my life, but not really. Like, I'm still pretty much chained to a lot of things, but, um, it's better, at least, like I have my space and the cat is very, very excited. 

Uh, she is just as like, oh, all this space is mine. So that's pretty good. But I also know that the other cats are still using the litter box because of the app. So like, I know like when the litter box cleans itself, because it tells me, so I guess if anything, . Yeah, that's the, that's the update I get from my mom's house. 

Litter box cleaned itself pretty good. 

Jerk: That is good. 

Bitch: Yeah. What else? I was, I was gonna talk about something else too, and I already forgot what it was. I'm also very tired. Just cuz 

Jerk: Bezos. 

Bitch: About what 

Jerk: Bezos 

Bitch: about 

Jerk: is in your 

Bitch: Amazon. Oh. Oh, that finally, um, I have put an Alexa device in my house. She kept whispering Bezos and I was like, it just kept going penis. 

That's all I could think. So, um, 

Jerk: Dick 

Bitch: but 

Jerk: I'm just kidding 

Bitch: this vain, this vain attempt to try and like keep track of my mother in another house, I have just, I said vain a penis. Now you're laughing. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, and so I, you know, was trying to make her home more smart, which is, you know, not an easy thing to do with a woman who is having, you know, memory loss issues and who doesn't really, like today, she called and asked me how to set the alarm and, you know, for her to get, get up in the morning cuz she's convinced that her other alarm clock that was easier, even though like it was always in some state of like half on and the clock was never right on it cuz she kept like hitting it. 


Jerk: Hmm 

Bitch: now she just has to tell, you know, the, you know, set, set alarms for everybody. But she just tells Alexa to set an alarm and I had to like walk. 

Jerk: it's a technological adjustment too. I mean, that's 

Bitch: It is, but you know, I'm just like, okay, I'm gonna write this down. And again, you know, you say her name, say my name, say my name, and then, you know, you tell it what you want it to do. 

And this is an alarm clock, so you tell the alarm clock to wake you up. I also realize because I've connected like the hubs between my, our houses, that I could probably just set that alarm clock for her. 

Jerk: You probably could. 

Bitch: Yeah. 

Jerk: That's probably accurate, 

Bitch: But yeah, it's very creepy. I mean, the camera's turned off on it, but I mean, whatever, it's gonna, this house is getting smart, but you know, now I'm gonna go all the way with it because once it's there I'm like, well, fuck it. 

Like now this is gonna become the Jetson's house. 

Jerk: yeah. I mean, if you're gonna go in, go all in 

Bitch: Yeah. I mean, why else, like, why else would I do this? Like Yeah. If, if I'm being surveilled, if I as well be worth it. Right. Like someone better, like, you know, I'll find a way to automate a robot bringing me wine, you know? But not the Alexa robot. Not that one. 

Jerk: no. That not the one that wants to be your friend or whatever the whatever it is. 

Bitch: Yeah. The one. 

Jerk: I don't know. 

Bitch: I'll just like find a way to like animate a real sex doll. Like make her my friend. 

Jerk: if that's more or less creepy. 

Bitch: I mean like, like she, like maybe they wanna wear clothes. 

Jerk: can't walk. So do you have to like put it on like a 


Bitch: don't know. I'm betting some of them can walk. I haven't checked, you know, we should, you know, it's been a while since I dove into where the porn industry is, you know, with making make believe women, I'm sure they've gotten quite far. 

And that's, you know, where robotics will get its highest advance will be because of Sex Dolls. Thanks Porn. 

Jerk: I'm trying to decide if that's more upsetting than AI or not. 

Bitch: Well, every ti everything that has to do with the internet is all because of pornography. I mean, it's why we have video, it's why we have everything. So, I mean, and they're the ones who will make AI better than it needs to be because someone wants to do something weird with a. 

Jerk: Uh, well on that lovely note, why don't you, uh, why don't you tell us about, uh, this episode? Cause I can't go down this path. 


I should have written it down, but, you know, an assistant who basically had this idea, right? So there, you know, I have seen some criticism of this episode, um, and I'm, I will say, well, it's not my favorite episode. , it has two of my favorite lines from the entire series. So, you know, easily in my top five Dete. 

Yeah, top me, probably like top five lines, maybe at least top 10. Definitely. So, 

Jerk: Okay. 

Bitch: and, uh, now that I am back at home, I do finally have my supernatural 

Jerk: reading 

Bitch: book. I know I have, you know, antidotes and stories to tell, but only I'm gonna have one. I'll keep it for later. But anyway, so let's just jump into this and start off with, oh 

Jerk: Crowley is tied to a chair 

Bitch: no, he's not tied. He is chained. Madam, 

Jerk: he is chained, excuse me, chained to a chair 

Bitch: if you're gonna get 

Jerk: like 

Bitch: you're going to explain my fantasy. I want you to explain it correctly. Okay. Now start. 

Jerk: Crowley is chained to a chair and and seems to be bloodied up a bit as though he's been beaten a little bit like the bad boy that he is. 

Bitch: Okay. You went real. Yes, but 

Jerk: You're 

Bitch: okay. Now, uh, moving on. But 

Jerk: up is the question. 

Bitch: yeah, so he's beating himself. 

Jerk: Up not off. Um, and apparently he is torturing slash questioning the, um, the individual that changed the chair about purgatory. So as we can deduce, as watchers of this show, the person in that has changed to the chair is not actually Crowley, but the person doing the beating and torturing and questioning is because he's the one that wants to know about purgatory. So, and then one of his questions is, are you the alpha? Um, and because, uh, or are I have an alpha and um, I have this crazy blade that I can harm you with because you're a shifter. 

Bitch: Okay. So the blade that he has, he's very impre happy with his, his, he's very proud of his blade, right? And he says it's made of iridium. And that it would've been, would have been cheaper to drop a castle on him. Alright, so I, of course, went down an iridium rabbit hole, including the fact that there is an entire satellite constellation named Iridium. 

age price for, for Iridium in:

Uh, Troy Ounce is a stupid measurement system, right? And so basically it a Troy Grain? Nope, nope, nope. I'm not reading that. That's stupid. That's stupid. That's stupid. Okay. One Troy ounce equals about 31 grams, which is about a half a pound. Right? So a pound of iridium is like $10,000. So that's like 10 K. 

So that knife, like what, how many like pounds do you think that knife is? 

Jerk: Like 

Bitch: I, 

Jerk: maybe if that, if probably less. 

Bitch: right? Like so like what? That's like what? 

Jerk: a super light metal, like, I don't know. And you need a shit ton of it to weigh, I don't know. 

Bitch: Yeah. So it's 10, like $10,000, which is far less than a castle 

Jerk: Hmm. 

Bitch: listed math. 

Jerk: a castle. 

Bitch: Sorry. Stop being so proud of your iridium knife. 

Jerk: can maybe demons can't math. 

Bitch: Maybe math is hard. 

Jerk: So after a while, uh, they're, they're going back and forth and Crowley, uh, stabs him and tells him that he has a, has. Then he pulls out a baby monitor because he has a nursery full of shifters. and this is weird and creepy and 

Bitch: So bad 

Jerk: 'em all. He's going to filet and, um, filet them and toss their spines in your lap because that's dark and gross and creepy because there's this whole o other ethical, moral dilemma we've talked about, about like 

Bitch: killing babies. You're still killing babies. And I, I like, I like Crowley a little less at this moment. 

Jerk: Mm-hmm 

Bitch: a little less sexy. 

Jerk: but our alpha shifter says Kill 'em all. We'll make more. So Crowley beheads him. 

Bitch: And then he is back in my book, so, you know, but then like his head roll, he, he cuts his head off and then it just like rolls in the floor and then I'm just like, I really wanna crow. 

Jerk: Well then Crowley says, kind of lost my hood. Oh, all right. So guess what? We find another industrial site and it's nighttime. Yay. 

Bitch: Yay 

Jerk: And, uh, baby rolls up with, uh, salmon Dean and they pull a hooded rug guru 

Bitch: Poo. 

Jerk: the, out of the, out of the car, and are handing it over to two demons 

Bitch: No, no. They're handing them over to the world's sassiest demon. He is like officially the Sassiest Demonn of all time. 

Jerk: He is. Um, and, uh, Dean wants to know where Crowley is though. He's like, and this sassy, sassy demons got, got fucking jokes back. Like he, like, like you would expect a sassy demonn to do. He says about banging a hooker in a sweet spot called none of your business. 

Bitch: Oh damn. It is not nearly as good as what he says when Teen wants to know if they'll ever see Crowley again. And I honestly remember watching this episode when it was you first came out or when I, when I first saw it and immediately texting like my best friend and being like, oh my God. Oh my God. So, I mean, do you wanna, do you wanna say it? 

You want me to say it? 

Jerk: will, I will le leave you the honor of the delivery. 

Bitch: Okay. So the Sassiest demo puts on his sassy pants and he says, I'm sorry, I know you're speaking. I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what you're saying cuz I don't speak little bitch. 

And then he just flas away with this rug guru, like drops his bike and leaves. Oh, 

Jerk: Mike drop. Yeah. 

Bitch: so good that that light is up. 

Jerk: Yeah. So, ah, so Sam and 

Bitch: Did it, ma? Also, I just wanna know like, how did it make you feel? 

Jerk: how did it make me feel? It was hilarious. 

Bitch: Okay, good. 

Jerk: I was like, damn, it was given. So we got Sam and Dean back in their old house. Dean wants to be just, is done working for Crowley and makes a really gross comment that I don't even wanna repeat. But, um, Sam's like, well, we don't really have a plan B. 

This is kinda the only way to get my soul back. Cause we kind of have to do it. But we get this conversation and I think this is a carryover from the last episode, and it carries through this episode all the way to the end of it with Dean asking Sam, does Sam really want his soul back? And 

Bitch: And, 

Jerk: trust Crowley is the other question. 

Bitch: and you know the answer is no, he doesn't have a soul. Why are you asking him that question is stupid. 

Jerk: but 

Bitch: He doesn't, why would he care? Like he doesn't have a. 

Jerk: just disappear. Well, yeah, but Sam just disappears in the middle of the conversation and Dean's kind of annoyed and then he 

Bitch: But I love it. 

Jerk: shit. No, he disappeared. Actually, gets his 

Bitch: I know, but there's part of me, it's just like, ah, I love you Sam, just walk away cuz you're tired of listening to Dean. 

Jerk: So he finds Sam unconscious on the floor and then he dean gets bonked on the head like you do. And they get tied up with rope to chairs to be clear, 

Bitch: And again, how is Sam getting knocked out if he doesn't sleep? I don't understand it. 

Jerk: out's different than sleeping, right? 

Bitch: Okay. 

Jerk: is it that he can't sleep or that he doesn't need to sleep? 

Bitch: Oh, I don't know. They just say he can't, I mean, I don't know if you tried, like did he like go through like did he get some melatonin? Did he try and find like that Right gigahertz of like sleep sound to like go through, put on the eye mask. 

Jerk: Yeah. Maybe some C B D got some shit going for himself. 

Bitch: C B D C B gummies. But you know, Sam was gonna come to you in his chair and who and, and who is it 

Jerk: that bitch Meg, 

Bitch: my favorite evil bitch? 

Jerk: bit 

Bitch: A hundred percent. 

Jerk: Meg is back, 

Bitch: So, but now she is a hundred percent that bitch me. Then now she's just, she's just an elevated to a hundred percent that bitch. 

Jerk: a hundred percent that bitch. Uh, yeah But she wants to know where Crowley is. And this is kind of an interesting turn. She knows that they work for him, and Sam's like, look, we don't really get to talk to him. We don't fucking know where he is. Uh but she's like, mm, no, I want y'all to talk. So she's threatening to kill them, but and is so much sexual innuendo. She's laying it on thick. Uh, but Sam starts laughing in the middle of this as she's got a knife to Dean's throat. And Dean is not amused, but Sam 

Bitch: But she's like, but she just says, okay, I just had this line mark though, because like she's like, I'm officially over the foreplay satisfy me, or I please myself. 

Jerk: Yeah, she did. 

Bitch: a hundred percent that bitch. Yes. 

Jerk: Yeah. But Dean's not amused in this situation, but Sam Bec probably because he's so is Sam, is able to pr see the, the very logical, um, situation is that she's pissed because she can't hurt them because, uh, she's on the run from, she needs to know the information. She's on the run from Crowley. So 

Bitch: Because she's El Lucifer loyal list, and I love the alliteration of that 

Jerk: I do too. That's a good one. That's a good one. But Dean's comment is, I hope you both lose. I think it's funny, you know, he is like, fuck Crowley, fuck loose for, how want you both to lose? Um but Sam's like, well, hey, no. How about this? Why don't you work with. Um, he will help you get to Crowley, but before you chop him to bits, we need information from him and 

Bitch: and his delivery is deliberately . It's delivery is as, it just, it's so good. 

Jerk: it. Is, 

Bitch: so hot, 

Jerk: Dean's still not stoked on this plan And, um, it's, it's, we, we learn here though that Meg app apprenticed under Alastair in hell in addition as, as did Dean. So she can probably make anyone including Crowley talk under torture. 

Bitch: and now it's time for hugs and puppies. Yay. All right. And at this point, you know, this is where you start seeing Meg's backup dancers. And I don't know, like they're backup dancers from like the last war video or what, but one of them is just making, and this one, um, he's just like, Mr. Clean, so probably. 

Jerk: had, I had, I just called them Baldy and ponytail here. So your names might be better, 

Bitch: Yeah. And so I think this one, he was in his anthrax cover band and so he just like makes his like meaningful eye contact with dean and Dean's just uncomfortable cuz you She should be, he's like, 

Jerk: Yeah It 

Bitch: stop looking at me. 

Jerk: contact. Yes. So, but they leave them on, they leave, the brothers tied up. But obviously Sam and Dean are capable of un getting themselves out when they have some time. So, and Dean is like really questioning, um, what Sam's like doing here. He does not like this plan and Sam, but Sam thinks it's a perfect way to get to Crowley. 

So, um, but deans like the B now, so we're gonna work with more D we don't like working with one demons, so we're gonna work with more demons. How does this solve anything? Um, and reminder, and this is a good reminder to me too, Meg's the responsible party for the death of both Ellen and Joe. So that's a big difficult challenge to, to ally with. 

Bitch: Yeah, I, and I think that is unforgivable, right? Like other, like I could probably like working with a demonn, working with a demon's one thing, but working with a demon that killed, you know, Ellen and Joe, to me that's unforgivable. Like I would never do that. 

Jerk: That's, yeah, that's a tough one. Um, but Sam still, Sam stills like, no, no, I got this. It's all logic. No emotion. And we're gonna screw her and her team too. So it's fine. Uh I'm gonna go get some insurance and his insurance is to walk outside and start calling to cast and then no answer of course. But then I'm sure you love this too, he starts rambling on to the sky, trying to get cast's attention about a gold box and Nazis and the arc of the covenant and melted faces and cast appears quite quickly. And Sam makes fun of him because that is the plot for Raiders the ball. 

Bitch: Yeah, literally the plot for Raiders. 

Jerk: That's good 

Bitch: Oh. Wouldn't the new Raiders come out? I know we've gone off this tangent before. I'm not doing it again. Okay. So, 

Jerk: But Cass is mad. He's like, you fucking lied to me. I'm in the middle of a battle and it's not going great. And he's like, mm, no, you, you owe me. Sorry, Cassell, you've gotta come help. Um doesn't matter that you've got your pissing match with Raphael going on, and then if you don't help me, uh, I will hunt you down and kill you. That took a turn. Uh, so Castiel is not impressed by this threat. Really. 


Bitch: But also, I'm just, yeah, go ahead. But. 

Jerk: he goes, will you boy, how? 

Bitch: And this is where I'm just like, what the fuck? Cass? Like he's watched you kill other demons, like, I mean other angels, like he knows how to kill angels, 

Jerk: Yeah, 

Bitch: but Sam's like, no, I'll find a way. And I'm like, yeah, he's got that blade right there. You just Stanley Sam 

Jerk: Yeah. Use that thing that's. Waistband. I don't know. Um, 

Bitch: Not, no, not in an Angel Blade holster. 

Jerk: it's not an angel Blade holster. So uh, next scene we see Sam and Castella walk in and, um, they just kind of played off like it's no big deal that he's there to help. Um, and uh, yeah it's kind of weird. Kind of weird. So Dean does not know that Sam just threatened Cas Hmm. So Castiel's gonna do is try to do a spell to try to source or try to locate. Crowley doesn't work, so they've gotta do it another way. 


Bitch: No. They have, you know, they had to do some dick work. They had to do some dick work in Grand Pappy. 

Jerk: ew, 

Bitch: Sorry. So they're in Graham, Pappy Shack, and of course here comes Graham, Pappy, Samuel. 

Jerk: Yeah. Little old Samuel walks in, bust them and they're like, Hey, yeah, we didn't know where Crowley is. Uh, and um, Samuel's like, yeah, I'm not gonna help you do this. And they figure out that what finally learned what Crowley has over Samuel, and it's that Crowley promised to bring back Mary if Crow, if, if Samuel works for him. And this is kind of like a, I found this really weird and sad and I may be mad 

Bitch: Oh no. The whole thing gets very weird and sad as it goes through, it gets even weirder and creepier. But also just like what, so Crowley can just bring back anybody from the dead? Like is there a limit on this? Like that seems like a very weird power for like people to. or demons or king of hell, whatever, like 

Jerk: There has to be a limit on it. There has to be a price on it. There has to be something like you can't just bring people back willy-nilly. Like, I don't get how that 

Bitch: magic has consequences. 

Jerk: yeah, it's balance in the universe and shit. Like, I don't know, it's just odd. I don't like it. 

Bitch: Yeah. And also just Samuel himself is weird. Like he's just creepy. Like he's just creepy and you know, like he's not a good grandpa. That means also like a lot of grandpa's a creepy, so 

Jerk: So basically Samuel's trying to say like, well you've tried to tell Dean, like the reason that you know you don't care about bringing her back is cuz you learned how to live without her. Yeah Cuz their mother died when he 

Bitch: why aren't you sh, why aren't you trying to bring back your wife? It's like, why are you bringing back your daughter? 

Jerk: Yes. 

Bitch: It's just, it's kind of gross. I don't know why. It feels gross. It feels gross. Saying 

Jerk: it's just weird. It's just weird and odd. And it's not, it doesn't feel like if it's pure, it seems to come from a place of pure selfishness, not out of love for anybody else. And that's what it is. Uncomfortable about it. So, 


Bitch: that's 

Jerk: calls out 

Bitch: honestly, no, I'm not gonna, I'm just gonna go straight up and say, nah, nah. It, it seems incestuous. Like, I don't know, like I just feel that tinge on it. Like he's too obsessed with his daughter. 

Jerk: It's weird. 

Bitch: It's weird. 

Jerk: and, and Dean's calling him out. He's like, uh, this is not gonna go anywhere good. And, um, you know, we're all family and this is this, how are you? And that we've all fell into this. This is our own family. He's Achilles hill trying to bring somebody back. And how the fuck are you gonna explain to her that you didn't help your grandsons her children, and sold them out to a demonn to bring her back from the. 


Bitch: right, 

Jerk: think that's gonna fly. Like 

Bitch: you try and explain that, like, yeah, Mary would be like, what the fuck? Like, wait, my son didn't have a soul, and you were like, just for No, she would be so mad. 

Jerk: Oh, furious. So anyways, I think that that's fucked. So they end up leaving without, without the real info. So, um, we've got Sam being and Castell sitting around. Well, Sam and Dean are researching Castell is watching television in 

Bitch: You know, he's just watching TV and the motel, but he's not just watching tv. He's watching porn. And why? because it's there, which is like, frankly, I think how most porn gets watched. It's like, why were you watching that? That, I mean, it was there like, which is what always, like whenever you see something on like a crime show where they talk about like, or even like, you know, true crime or like law and order type thing where they're like, and they did like say like what porn was in his browser history. 

I'm like, are you sure? Like he didn't just like click on that. Like he just saw like, you know, he was just there. I mean, you know, so, you know. But anyways, he is 

Jerk: I 

Bitch: the world's. Go ahead. 

Jerk: relate to that. 

Bitch: I don't know. You don't spend out enough time on PornHub? I guess so. But he Castio is watching like this pizza delivery guy porn and is like the world's most wholesome porn and compared to the porn of today. 

I kind, I wanna bring this back. I'm like, can we just have a market for like the, which is this nice, like retro porn, you know, like there's a plot, like there's a pizza guy and he like, you know, wants to, you know, you know, deliver his pizza and get his dick sucked. It seems so nice, 

Jerk: Oh, well, I like Castile's breakdown of it as it's complex. If he, if the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear the, the age old 

Bitch: like the age old question. And you know, this makes Sam and Dean very uncomfortable, but it somehow, Cass has a boner, 

Jerk: Yeah, 


Bitch: also very, like, exci, like, just interesting. The fact that he has wood, like, is, is this the first time Jimmy's gotten an erection? 

Jerk: well not Jimmy Cuz Jimmy had a kid. 

Bitch: But I mean, Cass in Jimmy. 

Jerk: Well, probably. Maybe 

Bitch: I mean, like, don't men just have boners, like of their own accord? Like, as far as I understand, that shit just happens sometimes. 

Jerk: I don't know. 

Bitch: Uh, 

Jerk: does the angels sleep. Cuz that's the thing right When you wake up. I don't know. 

Bitch: do angels get Morning wood? Let us know in the comments. All right, so Samuel comes in 

Jerk: Yeah. 

Bitch: which is also like, they're not nearly as embarrassed as they should be for their grandpa 

Jerk: the porn 

Bitch: watching in of them watching porn. I don't care who you are, that shit's embarrassing. 

Jerk: Yeah, it's awkward. Um, and uh, yeah, he, and he calls him out for it, but oh well, so, uh, 


Bitch: so he is just like, he, he's, oh, sorry. Are you gonna tell the line or not? 

Jerk: No, I was gonna skip it, but go for it. 

Bitch: Yeah. So sees just like, so you, this is what you do, like sit around watching pornos with angels and cast just ghosts. . We're not supposed to talk about it. . That's adorable. 

Jerk: scolded. It 

Bitch: You did. I love it. 

Jerk: came around a little bit cuz he is like, look, this is what Mario would want. Here's a map. And this is where Crowley's been taking all the monsters for torture. 

Bitch: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Jerk: it's a fucking death trap. I wish he wouldn't do this. Um, and um, Sam invites him to join. He is like, I may be soft, but I'm not suicidal. 

Bitch: Well, and Sam like sincerely, and this is also what's, I don't know, like, so there's so many problems with So is Sam, right? Because how like now he's, he was, he was sincere. He was like, come with this. Like, or maybe he just thinks that's what he's supposed to say. I dunno. 

Jerk: Well maybe that and just probably betting the odds of like more help means better odds for them and someone that knows the place. I don't know. There's probably a lot to that. So we get Sam, Dean and Cass meet up with Meg, and now three of her minions. 

Bitch: Yeah. And her Mary, her Mary Band of Demons, they just got back from their, from their, uh, their nightly gig at, you know, gills Roadhouse, uh, where they do all classic Southern Rock covers. 

Jerk: of course. And uh, she makes a Clarence joke. Um, and Castile promptly calls them all abominations 

Bitch: And then Meg says also, the, the thing that is in my top five lines, along with the other one is Meg tells him, and also I think this is why I love, like racial minor, just like the delivery of this line is so good. Like, and the, and the chemistry between Cass and Meg is awesome. Right? And so she just like turns him, she just like, keep talking dirty. 

Makes my meat suit all Dewey. Oh, so good. Her delivery was just, oh, so awesome. 

Jerk: yeah, 

Bitch: know you're hugging, but it was so. 

Jerk: yeah. So Sam says, look, we're going together. You need to gimme your fucking demonn knife. And she does. And he immediately stabs one of the demons, uh, and 

Bitch: the, uh, the Rob Halford, uh, the Rob Halford wanna be 

Jerk: because he's like, look, that one was more interested in killing Sam and I or Sam and Dean than it was our job. So I just did us all a favor. Oh. Or was he was making a statement or was he actually saving them all a hit? Cuz he could read that. Um, 

Bitch: Yeah. And this gets very sharks and jets. E you know, he just like walks off the knife 

Jerk: of mean mugging 

Bitch: and then Meg's like, Hey, and Sam, like, you took it from a first and like, meet by the soda fountain in hour. When you're a jet, you rack a gun for no reason. Uh, he just like racked his gun by the, why are you racking your gun? 


Jerk: ominous 

Bitch: whenever. 

Jerk: So we've got them prepping and, and Castile is not stoked about this plan. Uh, and especially, you know, we're breaking into, as Dean calls it, monster Gitmo. 

Bitch: and that is not exactly a two for one in the champagne room. Mm mm. 

Jerk: And, but Castell starts relaying some interesting information that we have not heard or been privy to before. And. That is that it might not be that wise to get Sam's Soul back. Actually, it has been locked in a cage with Michael and Lucifer for more than a year, and they've had nothing to do except for take out their frustrations on it. 

The soul could be mutilated and putting, it could be catastrophic to put him back inside Sam, which would be worse than death. He probably won't be fine. He'll might be like a, a catatonic. It's not good. 

Bitch: It is very like, it's very confusing too, you, because it's just like, it's like the, you know, their Catnet banana toy and they're tossing it back and forth at like this soul, but I'm like, okay. I, I guess maybe just as, I don't what the fuck is, I guess like, is it like a soul material? Like what are they tossing? 

Like is it, 

Jerk: gonna give it back, it has to be somewhat tangible, right? Because how are you going to return? How could it be locked in a box and be 

Bitch: Yeah. 

Jerk: owner if it wasn't somewhat tangible? Maybe it's only tangible in hell. I dunno. 

Bitch: I don't know y'all. If you can tell us what a soul is, would also appreciate that. All right, so we 

Jerk: what a soul is, you've got way bigger things than sharing it with our podcast So, 

Bitch: No, you share it with me because, and then that goes right, right into my cult. So we're outside this asylum, right? And so if you read the transcript, four of us, this is like one of my favorite things ever. And you hear you, obviously you learned the line later, but this, in the transcript, it says Exterior outside Crowley's Monster Prison. 


Jerk: Monster Prison. 

Bitch: I want Monster Prison to be a TV show. Please, Netflix make that happen. And that can happen in many other ways, but, but since we are going to visit this monster prison, I'm gonna take Diana on a stroll. through Monster Prison. So she's gonna meet all our inmates. Well, more accurately I'm gonna quiz her about the inmates that are inside Monster Prison. 

Jerk: Okay. 

Bitch: Okay. And all of the answers to this are going to be based on supernatural, Lord, not Liz Lore or the lore in the world in general. I dunno why I think like Liz Lore is like, you know, that's the shit that's correct, is what I tell you. But this is gonna be based on what's in the show. Okay? 

Jerk: Okay. 

Bitch: All right, so in question nu So question number one, in season one, episode six, A shape shifter takes on someone's form and says, see, deep down, I'm just jealous. 

You got friends, you could have a life. Me. I know I'm a freak. And sooner or later everybody's gonna leave me. Whose form is that shape Surf you're taking? These will not be multiple choice. 

Jerk: God damn it, Dean. 

Bitch: It is Dean. Woo. Yeah. All right. . So in question number two, in season two, episode six, the bank employee, Ronald works out that something not human is behind the crimes, but he doesn't identify it as a shape shifter. What does Ronald think it is? 

And can give you a hint, but it won't give you multiple choice. 

Jerk: I know. I mean, I remember the episode. I'm thinking I just can't remember. Did you think it was an alien? That's what I don't remember now. Damnit. 

Bitch: You wanna hint? 

Jerk: Yeah, 

Bitch: you just wanna get it wrong. Okay. It was a man Android 

Jerk: that's right, man. Android. Ugh, 

Bitch: Yes, I was in the hint was me part man, part machine, and so I was hoping to creep you out. Oh, okay. 

Jerk: I took 

Bitch: Question number three. You look at the tight, the loss, man. All right, so you're, you're even out to zero now, right? Nova? All right. In season four, episode five, a shapeshifter appears as classic Hollywood monsters, Dracula, Wolfman the Mummy. 

What festival is happening in the town? 

Jerk: That was such a good episode too. Hmm. It was a German festival. 

Bitch: What f Okay. It was Octoberfest. All right, you're back up. You're back up. Be your back up. Woo. 

Jerk: all right 

Bitch: so you say is a German festival, like what other German festival, , would it be 

Jerk: I dunno. I dunno. It's been sad. That took me a minute. Hello. Here's some bitches with beer mugs and fricking like 

Bitch: and Dals? 

Jerk: I don't know. Yeah, 

Bitch: know I always, I, I really know I need a dal, like, I'm kind of like made for, I think actually my ancestors are, were pl you know, poured in a dals for to, yeah. Anyways. Okay, so question number four. In season six, a shapeshift, uh, sorry. Season six, episode two. A shape shifter is imitating men, impregnating their partners, and then returning when the child is six months old. 

Kidnap it. Sam and Dean Rescue one of them. What do they name it? 

Jerk: It's like Bobby John, right? 

Bitch: It is Bobby John. 

Jerk: All right 

Bitch: Ah, like a Diana retaining knowledge. 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: Question number five, according to the lore in season four, episode four, metamorphosis, the Rug Guru is a result of a genetic mutation. What act triggers him to turn into a monster? 

Jerk: Oh, I can't remember. I forgot. 

Bitch: You give up. 

Jerk: I give up. 

Bitch: It's eating a person 

Jerk: Oh 

Bitch: enjoying the long pig. 

Jerk: know what, and I was like, 


Bitch: Yep. Chowing down on a person. All right, so you're down to one, but I gotta say again. All right, question number six, in season two, episode 20, after he is poisoned by a gin, dean lands in a wish versed that's based on his innermost desire. What was Dean's desire? 

Jerk: I'm, I'm trying to remember. I feel like Mary was, had something to do with it. Does that check out? Yeah. He 

Bitch: It checks out. Yeah, it was. It was that Mary had not been killed and so he and Sam were not hunters and they weren't friends. Alright. 

Jerk: were, he was like a mechanic and she was alive. Yeah. 

Bitch: Yep. Yep. And alright, so question number seven, ghouls. Ghouls. Ghouls. According to season four, episode 19, ghouls, take the form of what 

Jerk: I mean, they're people that eat people, right? I mean, 

Bitch: people, people who eat people. 

Jerk: eat people Yeah, kind of. They're kinda like 

zombies but 

Bitch: So that, well, yeah, but so they, they take the form of 

Jerk: of the, what they ate, the 

Bitch: yes, you are what you eat. Yes. So they take the form, the last person they ate. Okay, so wait, now you're three or you're two? I, I'm not good at math. Okay, so number eight, go still. How do you kill a who 

Jerk: I forgot. I'm thinking, I'm thinking, Hmm. I don't remember. I'm gonna to take loss on that one. I don't remember. 

Bitch: you take off their head. 

Jerk: Damnit, when 

Bitch: So, 

Jerk: capitation. 


Bitch: when in doubt, yeah, when in doubt take off their head. Uh, so well where we typically learn this, and it does happen again in this episode, uh, after we, you, um, I guess before we whatever, uh, but in season four, episode 19, jump the Shark. We saw that when Dean, um, no, Sam decapitated Adam's mom with a shotgun just by blowing off her head. 

And Dean bastion the his brother's brains, which is okay. This show is really disturbing. Okay. 

Jerk: pretty 

Bitch: Question number nine. 

Jerk: Mm-hmm. 

Bitch: According to season one, episode 20, dead Man's Blood, uh, vampire is created when a person ingests vampire blood. But the transformation is not complete until what? 

Jerk: Until they drink from another human. 

Bitch: Correct. Woo. Yeah. Get the vampire lore on and we'll, we'll finish out with one final. Final question in season six, episode five, live free or twi hard, Sam and Dean are investigating the disappearance of girls. What was the name of the last victim who had an obsession with vampire poetry? 

Jerk: Like, I wanna say it was Kristen, but 

Bitch: It was, 

Jerk: No 

Bitch: was Kristen. Woo. 

Jerk: Awesome. 

Yay One I got seven. Right? Yay. 

Bitch: I'm gonna start making it like a cosmo. Like I'm gonna make it like a cosmopolitan quiz. Okay? Next time there will be categories based on how many you get, right? Uh, so with that, I will say you are a supernatural, phenomenal fan, and you have been paying well attention to your monsters. 

Jerk: Yay. Woo woo. 

Bitch: All right? 

Jerk: now we enter 

Bitch: The world's best haunted house. 

Jerk: Monster Jail. Yay. Monster Jail. 

Bitch: Yay, monster Jail, which really does like, I'm pretty sure like 75% of ha one. Yes, it should definitely be a show, but also like I'm pretty sure there are haunted house production companies that make this haunted house happen. Like every year. Yeah. 

Jerk: Yeah. So Castile is able to get them inside, but they're like, this is too fucking easy, but oh, well. So they're gonna start searching like they do, and they're walking past cells and they do get, like, you get a good startle moment when something. Flashes its face and screaming in one of the, one of the windows in one of the cells. 

And then we walk by, um, the female gin that we saw get captured earlier this season. So that was interesting too. Um, and she is chained up and begging them for help. It's kind of sad actually, but they don't help. They just keep walking. Um, so they're walking but then Castile hears some things. He tells them to wait and, oh no, guess what? 

Him and Meg here, the guard dogs are there. What kind of guard dogs does Crowley have? Hell Hounds of course. Duh. 

Bitch: Of course. 

Jerk: So they start running and two of the backup dancers get taken down by the Hell Hounds. 


Bitch: no. 

Jerk: yeah, sorry. Meg Castel, Sam and Dean are able to close some double doors and block 'em, but it's not gonna hold the hell Hounds for long. 

Cuz those motherfuckers and 

Bitch: Oh, damn it. I think I missed one. Yeah, I missed one of my lines. Sorry. Um, when one of them got eaten was gonna say the bass player from the fish cover band, 

Jerk: So, um, Meg's like, fuck this, I'm going to get out of here. I'm gonna cock smoke out. I didn't know this was gonna happen, but I'll be pulling for you from Cleveland. See Kris out is what she says 

Bitch: Suris. Oh. But Uhoh, you can't. 

Jerk: work. She can't, 

Bitch: You stuck. 

Jerk: can't do it inside the walls of the monster prison. So Sam's like, well, here, why don't I give you, um, the blade, you 

Bitch: Well, and Dean also says that Dean also tells her that karma's a bitch. Bitch. So, 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: Burn. Dean Burn. No, you're not the, you're not as good as Meg. Sorry. 

Jerk: But so Sam's like, take how want you keep the, take the Demonn blade back and you can hold the dogs off. And she's like, mm. No, and you need to keep that, cuz you've gotta go kill the swarmy dick as she refers to Crowley. I thought you'd like that one too. 


Bitch: And done. 

Jerk: then shit gets weird 


Bitch: I don't care. Like, whichever, whichever way you wanna say it. 

Jerk: I mean, weird can be hot. 

I'm just 

Bitch: Yeah, yeah. Weirdest problem. Generally hot, so, yeah. 

Jerk: so she walks up to Cas and kisses him and does he, you know, recoil in disgust because she's an abomination? Oh no, no. He turns her around and makes out with her against the wall while 

Bitch: Yeah. 

Jerk: slowly stealing his angel blade. 

Bitch: Yeah. Yeah. Well she's got his hair hand in his pants and taking out his blade, uh, or in his, probably his trench coat, but whatever. But also just like that, like guys, if you don't know this, every woman wants that. Every woman wants that. 

Jerk: The turn 

Bitch: against, 

Jerk: the wall and 

Bitch: yeah. Yeah. 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: mean, only consensually. Consensually. We want that. 

Like, don't do that to random women on the streets do. 

Jerk: the nice kiss starts and it's mutual and then it, and then the passion grows 

Bitch: And the passion builds. Yes. If she gets them first and then, yes. That was hot. It was just, yeah, it was. And apparently that porn was really good, 

Jerk: yeah, cuz Castile makes a reference to the Pizza Man, Oh. So now she's gonna take the Angel Blade and hold off the Hell Hounds, um, while the, while Cass Samine run, make a run for it. That's pretty impressed. 

Bitch: She is and she's gonna stab our pour invisible puppers. But then we see our three amigos walking down the hallway. 

Jerk: Yeah. They're on the stairs and looking around and then there's a bright light and Castiel disappears. Oh shit. Someone Angel pooped out. Cass, who was it? Oh, fucking Samuel. Fucking Samuel has the little angel sigel thingy on the wall and pushed his hand on it to make the, the Angel Sigel Angel Sigel thingy is what I wrote. 

Just like know. That's how 

Bitch: Diana's favorite Angel Siegel thingy. And yeah, and he just, he sold out his, his son, like his 

Jerk: grandsons 

Bitch: grandsons and. 

Jerk: Yeah. And demons grab Sam and Dean, um, and Crowley's there and is like, mm, yeah, called Samuel the best purchase I've made since Dick Cheney. But 

Bitch: And, uh, for, for children of today. I don't know if this is what the internet's for. Go look it up. Alright, 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: Crowley says he's going to do away with them, and he has the demon lackeys taken to his cell. And this, I'm like, why don't you just kill them? 

Jerk: because he's gonna make it complicated and drawn 

Bitch: I think, yeah. And, and perhaps like he had like an arrangement with Samuel, like maybe Samuel was decent enough to say like, don't kill them. Like you can't kill them or something. Maybe. 

Jerk: Maybe. So, um, he locks him up in separate rooms and, and we cut back to Meg. Meg has been able to kill the hell hounds. It's fairly impressive. Um, but she's also injured and then 

Bitch: killed a bunch of dogs. 

Jerk: yeah, she's walking down the hall and, oh, guess who's there? Demonn Christian. 

Bitch: Fucking Parker. 

Jerk: And he hits her and takes the knife. 

Bitch: He takes angel blade 

Jerk: Yeah. Not good. So we cut back to, to the cell that that dean is in and he is yelling to Sam cuz they're in cell adjacent cells because of course they are, but he's standing in pee. 

Bitch: and I said maybe ag guana ths are in there too. , because that is what our guide in Honduras told us about in the jail, that everybody peed, peed everywhere. So, 

Jerk: But Dean's or Sam's response is consider yourself lucky. So I guess Sam's standing in something worse. 

Bitch: Yeah. Yep. 

Jerk: Um, then Samuel shows up to visit Dean at his cell. Like how dare he show his face? 

Bitch: Do you have a little asshole? 

Jerk: whatever 

Bitch: And he opens up the little jail people. Now, I, I don't know what to call the jail people, and I think we've discussed this before. There has to be a word for this. Someone tell us what the fuck a jail people was called. 

Jerk: Yeah, so Dean calls Samuel out for not putting blood first, but he's like, no, you chose Samuel's. 

Like, no, you chose Sam over your mom. And dean's like, 

Bitch: The 

Jerk: you 

Bitch: fuck 

Jerk: about? You're choosing a demonn over your grandsons. And, um, and, but Samuel's like, I don't even fucking know you guys. Who are you to me? Um, and, and that really just sets Dean off. He's like, the next time you see me, I'll be there to kill you. 

Bitch: Because you're a terrible person. You just, yeah. 

Jerk: Graham Pappy 

Bitch: There's just some super family drama and then the cell opens and our Miami Vice Club bouncers are there and they're gonna take him out while Sam paces. 

Jerk: Yeah. Um, and Christian now has, uh, Meg strapped to, uh, the same table type of table that Ruby was strapped to in the past. Um, 

Bitch: I don't like it. Still don't like it? It's real weird. It's so weird. 

Jerk: carve information out of her. 

Bitch: Don't like, 

Jerk: Yeah. Well, 

Bitch: I hate that. I also just really hate that weird chin strap. I think like that's what, like, it's not even like, why do you have, like why is this weird band across a crotch? Like that's what like then you got one weird one across or nipples, and then you've got the weird chin shit. 

Jerk: Didn't was the chin one to keep 'em from opening their mouth 

Bitch: I think it's to keep them from flat cock smoking out, but 

Jerk: you can't in 

Bitch: you can just put a devil's trap over their head, 

Jerk: A lot too. 

Bitch: like, what you don't need, like whatever this is, I don't know. I don't like it. And 

Jerk: carving up Meg on the creepy table. Dean's getting led away by demons to God knows where, and Sam is in his cell and crouches down real creepy and bites his own wrist and to make himself. 

Bitch: just nos in his arm, hot. 

Jerk: It's just weird. Dean's in this weird room with tubs full of end trails and other things. Bloody plastic sheeting on the wall. Like I don't really know what this 

Bitch: He's in the hot this, he's in asylum 13. Like this is the haunted house that's getting put out this year. But also he's pulling that curtains. Like, you don't do that. No. You don't go. No. You leave that curtain alone, like whatever's behind it. You don't need to know. No, you totes, sir. Mm-hmm. 

Jerk: Mm-hmm. And the demons throw two guys in there that are kind of bloodied up and they call dean breakfast. So I don't really know what these guys are though. They don't really say, 

Bitch: They're ghoul. 

Jerk: in there. Oh okay. That was unclear. 

Bitch: It comes out somewhere in here and somehow we know their goals. I think he says it. I think he, I think he tells Sam, but uh, or is like how I'd like you decapitates when they're fighting. 

Jerk: Got it. And then while that's going on, which is not gonna be good, two demons, go get Sam and tell him he's gonna join their brother. But ends up, guess what Sam Cleverly did with that blood? He drew it from his own arm. Draw a fucking devil's trap. I'm like you suggested on the ceiling in blood. And we get a real creepy smile though. 

from sale 

Bitch: It's, he is got total fruit punch mouth and like, that's a lot of, like, that was a very large circle and I guess like he wanted to get them both in there, but so I mean, yeah, that's a, that's a, you, you not on a punch of your arm. 

Jerk: It's a lot. 


Bitch: right, so then we get back to Christian torturing Poor Mag. 

Jerk: and well Dean's fighting off these two, 

Bitch: Oh, sorry. 

Jerk: two ghouls and yelling while Sam is trying to find him. Sam finds the room, pulls a pipe off the wall, and fucking baseball bat beans, these two motherfuckers in the head and then stabs him. 

Bitch: But I mean, it's still like, 

Jerk: it hot, Liz? 

Bitch: yeah, I mean it was fucking hot, but I mean like he ripped a fucking pipe off the wall. Like what the fuck 

Jerk: And then like full on swings. This P, this pipe like a baseball bat and just like boom. On 

Bitch: was also very Dominic Tto and fastened the Furious nine when he like has the wrench and he's beating the da, the guy who's like responsible for it anyways. Uh, so yeah, I think I probably had some, some cross things to fast. But anyway, so he's just beating these ghouls with the. 

Jerk: and then stabs him. Um, but this is what was going on while me, Meg is being tortured by Christian and she continues. She has, she has on point with her sexual innuendo in references. That is for sure. And they're still making all these jokes. But, um, then she starts laughing and he and Christian's not really sure why. 

He's very 

Bitch: Well, before she gets to that laughter, she does say it like this. One thing that was like, this is preemie too, where she says, this body was an actress who went to LA and this is not the worst thing that happened to her, probably. And I'm like, oh, damn, that's dark. That's dark, guys. 

Jerk: Whew. 

Bitch: Yep. And then she starts laughing. 

Jerk: because Christian gets stabbed from behind with the demonn blade by Dean. Whoop, 

whoop And they, 


Bitch: is just, just like, wee, like you've never seen somebody so happily stabbed somebody 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: you know, he's been wanting to like, do this for, for, for a while, and he's just like, Hmm. 

Jerk: that guy 

Bitch: Yeah. 

Jerk: And then he 

Bitch: step. 

Jerk: And I think this is kind of interesting, so I know it is. I wasn't surprised, but Dean's been so resistant to help, to working with demons, but he was still willing to go save Meg. 

Bitch: Yeah. I mean, it's that intense, you know, being like, you know, if, and it is, it's kind of a Winchester thing too, like once you're in the fight with them, like you're in the fight with them, right? Like, 

Jerk: if you're a demonn 

Bitch: even if you're a demon, we're not gonna go back like it just, you were in the fight together, you know, and we'll, we'll sort our other shit out later. 

But we have a common purpose right now and it's Crowley. 

Jerk: Yeah. Well, Crowley's speaking of going to visit our gin and asks her if she's feeling chatty because he wants to know about her daddy. 

Bitch: She's just the cutest, like this is brae. And you know, you remember her from, she's the one who poisoned Dean, but she's, she's the cutest little golf girl. Love her. 

Jerk: And, but while he is talking to her, one of the alarm bells goes off, like a fire alarm goes off in the building. So he has to go examine, you know, go find out the source of that. 

And who does he find Dead? Christian and Dean 

Bitch: Yay Dick Christian. 

Jerk: and says, Sam bunks him on the head from behind and there's a devil trap on the ceiling. So Crowley is kind of, kind of, sort of trapped for a moment. 

Bitch: He is trapped. 

Jerk: Yeah. And Meg is there also, and she comes out, he, uh, Crowley promptly calls her a whore. 

Bitch: Well, it, but it was also, he called her who, but it was also just in a lovely exchange because she goes, Crowley and then he goes, whore. And so just like the pacing of that, like I just like that, that timing of it, it was just, it was so good. And so, but then I kind of like flashback to, you know, because Sam wants his soul back. 

And then just like in my brain, I always go back to Crowley mocking Bobby when he wanted his soul bag, he was like, I want my soul Becky it. And so like, that's all I could think of right here is Callie being like, what my soul, Becky, it 

Jerk: Well, somehow Meg has some like crazy demonn powers to be able to harm Crowley without even touching him. 

Bitch: Shane and Alistair. Me. 

Jerk: bad bitch, bad bitch. Demonn powers. I 

Bitch: a hundred percent that bitch. I told you Shane like. 

Jerk: were, Uh, and while she's doing this to, as her torture to, she's trying, she basically, she's torturing Crowley without touching him. 

And Sam says he wants his soul back. Um, and uh, anyways, it, it, it's just all weird. But Crowley's like, no. Hmm. So there's, 

Bitch: Well, he's, he says, no, you can't get it, but you can't get it back. And you know, basically you was like, he's useless and he is mad. But then like, and I'm just gonna kind of jump use some things, but he really kind of reiterates, Sam, you don't want this back. 

Jerk: He says exactly what Castel and Dean discussed. He says the same thing unprompted, that basically you don't want that back. You're gonna be fucked up and it's probably gonna kill you. Or worse if we put your soul back in you now because it's been there. For so long. And Sam's like, and Dean's a very upset by this. 

He Dean cannot accept that this is the truth in this situation. 

Bitch: is just like, I don't know, he wants his soul bad. He is just like, I need, I need Sam Soul. And he's just like, really stuck on this. 

Jerk: Yeah. And so Meg, um, has the Demonn blade and says, look, will you let me back out of the, out of the Devil's trap? 


Bitch: Sure. 

Jerk: and 

Bitch: not? 

Jerk: because Crowley's useless. So she's gonna go 

Bitch: Yep. 

Jerk: And she's, you know, it calls Crowley po pompous and says, this is for Lucifer. But as soon as she steps inside the devil's trap, he like body slams her and throws the Demonn blade into the devil's trap in the ceiling. 

Bitch: Yeah. Mank. Oh shit. You're fighting above your weight class here, honey. Like maybe this wasn't the best idea. Uhoh 

Jerk: and then he demon flings Sam and Dean across the room and has Meg held at knife point, 

Bitch: and I just, yeah, 

Jerk: who flaps in? 

Bitch: CAS flaps in and we get a very snarky Crowley saying, Cass, I haven't seen you all season, which is, this is the first time they've seen each. Like cra, Cass and Crowley have been a scene together all season, so 

Jerk: pretty funny. Yeah. But um, and, but Crowley's prodding him a little bit. We get a little bit more detail about what's going on in the war and he is like, yeah, it sounds like you're losing to Raphael. It makes Vietnam look like a roller derby. And I was like, oh, it's a roller 


reference So 

what is 

Bitch: like roller der, like I don't want things, well, I guess compared to Vietnam. Okay, whatever. But y'all bitches were gross and mean 

Jerk: Gross and mean. 

Oh we're 

Bitch: a fun way. 

Jerk: we're kind of gross. Um so, but CROs deal's carrying a bag and, and what's in this bag? What could it be? 

Bitch: he's got a boner for Crowley 

Jerk: It does Second time this episode. He's gotten a bon no. Um, 

Bitch: Whoa. Damn right. 

Jerk: we go. 

Bitch: Okay, so we're just, we're on fire right now, so 

Jerk: Yeah. So Castile has crowley's bones and it's basically like, yeah, you didn't like hide these as well as you thought you did. So uh, can you, I'm gonna ask you the questions now. Can you restore Sam's soul or not? And Crowley says, I can't. 

Bitch: True. And he just tortures him, which is also like, I kind of like appreciate this cuz I'm just like, okay, finally like someone does something decisive. Okay. Like can you help me? No. Cool. Peace out bitch. We're moving on to the next thing. And Sam, 

Jerk: his bones 

Bitch: yeah. 

Jerk: gone 

Bitch: And Sam pulls the knife from the ashes. It's okay. 

Jerk: Yeah. And Meg's gone too though. 

Bitch: She has, she is van cuz she's smart. 

Jerk: she's just, yeah, she, she disappeared and, yeah. And so, but, but of course we have to take it a crack from Dean about, 

Bitch: I don't like it. So the crack is that Dean says he would've given Cass an hour with her before he killed her. And it's, it's funny be it like, cuz Cass is like, I don't understand why. So the joke is that Cas doesn't understand why he would want an out. 

Jerk: right? 

Bitch: But it is not funny because it's gross. So Vomity gross. 

Okay. And 

Jerk: Yeah. 

Bitch: a woman was a showrunner right now, guys, so, yeah. Okay. So at the car, Cass is like, he's, he's, he's, he's, we're doing some, you know, confessionals. I mean he's, 

Jerk: Like we do at the end of the 

Bitch: yep. 

Jerk: the car. It's what we do by baby. We talk it out and cast's like, yeah, Crowley's, right? It's not going well for me up there. Uh, there's not really anything you can do, but it's all you should know. And they're like, look, we're your friends, so we get it. You go do what you need to do, but if there's something we can do, we'll help. So, um, but Sam Ander now have to discuss the practicality of what's in 

Bitch: But also Sam says, you know, if you really wanna help, there is a prison full of monsters. 

Jerk: Yeah, that's what I say. That's, 

Bitch: Yeah. 

Jerk: We have a prison full of monsters. We can't leave them and we can't let 'em go. 

Bitch: Because they're just not gonna kill themselves. And so, but I mean, so party's just like, well, poor, you're gonna go kill poor bji. Like even though like she already poisoned Dean, like that poor bitch, like, I think she like paid like her debt back, which she got tortured by Crowley for so long. Like, so he's just gonna go kill all these dean, all these monsters at demons, but just all these monsters. 


Jerk: Yeah, 

Bitch: he is euthanizing the prison. 

Jerk: that 

Bitch: Ew. 

Jerk: that's 

Bitch: It's so dark. It's so dark. And I don't know, I now I'm my show of Monster Prison's never gonna happen. 

Jerk: that's pretty, yeah, it's not good. 

Bitch: Hmm. 

Jerk: So we've got Sam and Dean though, discussing what's next because they still don't have an answer. They still, now they've got feedback on the potential to retrieve Sam's Soul and they're gonna talk about it. Dean's like, well, we just gotta figure out a different way to get it, cuz he's not hearing what everybody's telling him. And Sam's like, no, both angels and demons are agreeing. This is not good. that's a pretty big sign when it's not good. Uh, and I don't want it back. If that's the case, I'm better off without it. 

Bitch: Right. Like if someone came to you and was like, would you like we can do this thing that's gonna possibly, I don't know. There's a very big conundrum that's in here because, but once again, Sam doesn't know. Sam can't make this decision because he doesn't have a soul. 

Jerk: Right, 

Bitch: If you're going on the basis of what a soul is, he cannot logically make that decision for himself. 

You have to, someone with a soul is the one who has to like weigh those choices. And frankly, if I was given it is kind of, you know, I mean probably would come down to like the idea of, you know, like living wills and shit. Like, would you rather risk, you know, your person being a vegetable or something like that. 

Or, you know, than having and like being somewhat, being better. 

Jerk: Hmm. 

Bitch: And I, I also wanna argue that Sam's not better with his soul. He is much more attractive this way. 

Jerk: That's, that's very complicated. And I'm not gonna unpack that today. But, 

um but yeah, so Dean, though, you're like, we've said he's not, he is not sold 

Bitch: Ah, on fire. 

Jerk: on, on not getting Sam's Soul back. So he just tells Sam that. He's like, you're wrong. But what does Sam do? He just walks away. Cause he's not gonna have the argument. There's no point with Dean. Dean doesn't, 

Bitch: Don't walk away, Sam. 

Jerk: I feel like I would feel strongly. I get it, but he is not hearing what the warning that he's being given is here. 

And I think that there's some real process he has to process the information. He hasn't done that. He's not, he's, he's a hearing, but 

Bitch: He's not listening. He's not listening. You have to listen, Dean. That's part of it. But I also, I mean, again, Sam can't make that decision for himself, but also like why do you hate this Sam so much? Dean . He's a little creepy, but like 

Jerk: He is a little 

Bitch: he's the better hunter though, 

Jerk: He's a little creepy. 

Bitch: eh? I'd bang him. All right, so do we have a casting. 

Jerk: I I have, we do have some casting couch today. Uh, so we are, uh, gonna talk about one specific person only cause we've seen all of these people pretty much before. So um, and that is one of Crowley's Minions who says your favorite line about being a little bitch. Um, he is, uh, played by Conrad Coats. And Conrad Coats has a pretty extensive career. 

It goes back to:

Bitch: I love. 

Jerk: Yeah. Uh, agent Hauser in the Sentinel, the movie, um Valentine in Kyle, X y he was an ongoing character, Estes in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. That one, um, uh, Barich in Tron Legacy. Um, he was a Pentagon General Fields in X-Men apocalypse, uh Terrell in Star Trek Discovery. Uh, Dion, ISIS Johnson in Welcome to Maron, uh Dwyer in Shadow Hunters and Dennis Latham in, I only added this one for you in escaping the Nexium cult, so I, you like your cold shows, 


Bitch: do, and I'm pretty sure I've seen that. I don't know. Although, I mean like after a while, like I just saw so many, like you can only see so many things in the Nexium Cult before. You're just like, yeah, y'all are just blaming Allison for all of this. 

So now we start at the beginning of this episode with me talking about how gross burping is, and now I'm burping as we get into the conclusion of the episode. This as karma's a Bitch Bitch. All right. So what did you think of this episode? 

Jerk: So in some ways it was super fun. Uh, I think it had a really good plot, um, driver on the soul conversation, but I also felt like it was kind of throwaway in other ways. Like it was fun, it had good lines and things, and it carried on the conversation about the soul. I just, I mean, other than, I mean, like we, we lost Crowley, that's a big deal, I guess. 

And then, 

Bitch: But, 

Jerk: and Samuel's a dick, but, 

Bitch: so I mean like, 

Jerk: got this partnership with Meg kind of, but she 

bailed so 

Bitch: you really think Crowley's. 

Jerk: Oh, no, of course not. 

Bitch: I'm like, he is like, it was like, okay, like in season six. 

Jerk: I'm far enough into this series to know that never 

Bitch: Yeah. You never trust anybody, you know? Never trust anybody's going to be dead. But 

Jerk: long. Yeah. 

Bitch: yeah, I do feel, I agree that it, there's like that throwaway thing, but 

Jerk: It doesn't make it not fun. It was an enjoyable episode overall, I felt like, uh, it just was, it didn't feel like it was a, a, a heavy hitter, 

Bitch: yeah, I think it was clever, like the writing was clever enough that it made. Interested in the episode 

Jerk: Yeah 

Bitch: also Monster Prison. I love this concept. 

Jerk: It's 

Bitch: And so because we have been so long without Liz's books, I have missed them. So, and um, there was something about this episode that I did wanna read from the Supernatural Companion. 

And so apparently there was supposed to be like a Kalu type like monster in this, but basically it just got too expensive. Um, but in the first draft, Dean gets thrown into this underground pit where there's just sand and a huge trough of water. He starts digging and finds a bone and realizes he's been thrown into a monster. 

Then this huge tentacle reaches up and grabs him and sucks him under Sam. Bursts out, busts out with a fire ax and chops the tentacle off and pulls him out. But Dean's legs all messed up. It was gonna be this very bold step into the rom of Monster, but it was just too expensive. And then Good goes. And then in the mid-season shooting break, Bob Singer was less convinced of the rest of us, but Eric was like, no, no, we can do it. 

So we thought, great. But so many other things in the episode were so ambitious that it became the thing that went away. And ghouls are good, but I think we will always miss the tentacle. I do love the Brett Matthews, like the ghouls are good, but we will always miss 

Jerk: miss 

Bitch: tentacle, not testicles, tentacle. It is very dramatic. 

But I mean, but so this idea of Monster Prison, like I really, I think it's. Highly enjoyable for the show, and I really wish it'd been flushed out more. 

Jerk: Yeah. I feel like they could have done so much more with it if they were really going down that path. I feel like we lo we missed a little bit with there, but 

Bitch: I mean, Greg, we have seen, we had seen this like, you know, uh, we didn't did it in Buffy when they had, uh, the, the thing below the college, oh God, the Adam season, whatever. But, you know, they had like, you know, the hostels in their, so they did that. But, you know, I think it could have been fun to have like this kind of like your memory lane of like, these are the demons and, and they kind of did it, but it was less obvious than like, you're going to a zoo. 

Do I just wanna go to a monster zoo? I think that's it. I think I just wanna go to a monster zoo 

Jerk: it'd be less sad than a monster prison. 

Bitch: that is, I mean, you know, ethically like ethical monster Zoo made for the understanding of conservation and rescue of. Said monsters. 

Jerk: Just go to a Monster prison. Nevermind 

Bitch: All right, so on that note, anything else? You good? 

Jerk: No 

Bitch: Okay, . All right. Cheer shirt. 

Jerk: Cheers, bitch.

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